In the continuation of the International and Regional conferences convened by the International Permafrost Association, the 5th European Conference on Permafrost (EUCOP 2018) will be held in Chamonix-Mont Blanc, France, 23th June - 1st July 2018. The conference aims at covering all relevant aspects of permafrost research, engineering and outreach on a global and regional level.


Comfortably installed at the Majestic congress center or climbing the challenging slopes of the Mont Blanc massif, our agenda will be the following:

  • Saturday 23 ‐ Sunday 24/06: PYRN days (meeting, field trip, and more!)
  • Sunday 24/06: IPA council meeting, workshops, ice‐breaker dinner
  • Monday 25/06: 1st  day of sessions
  • Tuesday 26/06: 2nd  day of sessions
  • Wednesday 27/06: 1st  day of local field trips
  • Thursday 28/06: 3rd  day of sessions
  • Friday 29/06: 2nd  day of local field trips
  • Saturday 30/06 ‐ Sunday 01/07: two‐day‐long regional field trips


Key dates

  • Call for abstract submission: 28 August 2017 to 15 November 2017 15 22 December 2017
  • Decision on abstract (oral/poster): February 2018
  • Early-bird registration: until April 1st 2018




The Local Organizing Committee:

  • Edoardo Cremonese, Umberto Morra di Cella, Paolo Pogliotti: ARPA Valle d'Aosta
  • Christophe Lambiel: IDYST, Univ. Lausanne
  • Reynald Delaloye: Dept. of Geosciences, Univ. Fribourg
  • Florence Magnin: Dept. of Geosciences, Univ. Oslo
  • Philippe Schoeneich: PACTE-IGA, Univ. Grenoble-Alpes
  • Philip Deline, Ludovic Ravanel, Xavier Bodin: EDYTEM, CNRS/Univ. Savoie Mont-Blanc


International Permafrost Association                Laboratoire EDYTEM (CNRS/USMB)                Association Française du Périglaciaire IDYST   ARPA  UNIFR


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