Below are listed the 26 sessions approved by the ISC.

The details on each session can be found in this document.

  1. Remote sensing of permafrost landscapes
  2. Palaeo-permafrost reconstruction, from field to simulation
  3. Permafrost engineering and the related risks
  4. Educating with Permafrost: Training the next generation permafrost specialists
  5. Interdisciplinary approaches to conceptualize changes and feedbacks in permafrost landscapes
  6. Linking terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems in the Arctic: Organic matter, nutrients and pollutants and their lateral transport from permafrost-affected soils
  7. Understanding rockglacier dynamics
  8. Coupled heat transfer and fluid flow processes in permafrost regions
  9. Twenty years after the PACE-project: What do we know about the changing state of European permafrost?
  10. Thermokarst lake dynamics across multiple spatial and temporal scales
  11. Mass-wasting processes in periglacial environments
  12. Thermal state of permafrost and active layer dynamics: from local observations to a global permafrost assessments
  13. Past environments in permafrost regions
  14. Permafrost peatlands in a changing climate - past, present and uncertain future
  15. The furthest frontier: Planetary Permafrost
  16. Merged Session 16 and 20: Living with Permafrost: Culture and Communities in Research and Outreach
  17. Subsea Permafrost Dynamics
  18. Deep permafrost - From local to global influences
  19. Polar Coastlines in Transition: Arctic - Antarctic perspectives
  20. Permafrost dynamics and indigenous land use: Bridging the gap between scientific research and indigenous experience
  21. In situ permafrost sensing and monitoring technologies
  22. Frost at the margins of permafrost / Frost related phenomena in non permafrost areas
  23. New developments and applications of geophysical techniques in permafrost terrain
  24. Permafrost hazards in high mountains
  25. Open session on mountain permafrost
  26. Open session on permafrost hydrology


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