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Please help us to better organize the conference by strictly following these guidelines.

Chairs will strictly follow the timetable for the oral presentations in order to allow for accurate planning for those wishing to move from one talk to another in a parallel session. Most of the time, 5 parallel sessions will be taking place, so a good timing is essential.

Presentations will be 12 minutes plus 3 minutes of discussion. For better time control, they will show a “2 min left” board at minute 10 of each presentation.


Presentation time

There are four oral slots per day of 5 presentations each on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday scheduled on 09:15–10:30, 11:00-12:15, 14:00-15:15, and 15:45-17:00.


Oral presentation upload

You should upload your presentation before your session starts in each session room. Ideally, you can upload it on the early morning (07:30-09:00) of the day of your session or the day before. You can also upload it during the coffee breaks (10:30-11:00, and 15:15-15:45) and from 13:30 to 14:00, at the end of lunch time.


Presentation formats

Presentation should be prepared using Powerpoint (ppt or pptx) formats. Image format should be standard (4:3), not widescreen (16:9). We are not accepting Apple Keynote or Prezi presentations. We advise you to prepare a PDF file in case of software or file format conflict. We will be using PC’s running Microsoft Windows XP and 10. If you are using Prezi or a Mac, please convert your presentation to Powerpoint or PDF beforehand and test it on a PC. You will not be able to connect your mac to the projectors, so do not hope to rely on it.

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